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VOID, Eric

Transcript of partial recording, 10th of August 2021, on AM band 404kHz in the Spanish peaks, southern Colorado.


“And now for the part of the show where you, yes you, can call into the station and tell us what’s on your mind. Can be anything, anything! I assure you I’ve heard everything at this point, so nothing you say will shock me. Remember last weekend when we got the call from Pheobe? Ain’t nothing more embarrassing than her marital problems. SEe, sometimes all you’ve gotta do to find the solution to big problems in your life is to talk about them. And I’m here to listen, just an ear to listen to anything you have to say--ah! First caller of the night. Here we go. This is the voice in the void, you’re on the air.”

Static over the radiowaves, then a distorted male voice, clearly upset about something by the tension in his voice. “Voice, thank god I got a hold of you. Gotta problem. Big one. And I’m worried there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Glad you called in. What’s your name son?”


“Tell me what’s going wrong Eric, maybe we’ll figure something out for you.”

“I’ve been having dreams, awful dreams. There’s fire everywhere, all the cities and towns and everywhere people are dying. I think the fire came from space, but nobody thinks anything I dream comes true. They all come true, eventually, and I try to tell them but nobody listens.”

“Fire, Eric? That doesn’t sound good at all. What else happens in these dreams of yours?”

“Then once the fires go out something worse happens--can’t explain how I know it’s worse but I just do! These strange crystals start growing all around every place with water--just sprouting out of the ground! They’re terrible, get too close and I know it’s bad. Gotta stay away.”

“Say, I think you’re dreaming something that’s gonna happen soon Eric.”

“You believe me!” “Sure do, but do you have any idea why all this happens?” “No, no can’t say. It just does and I don’t know when or why it happens. Maybe it’s world war three. Nuclear winter, some crazy weapon out of a secret lab-”

“Don’t be hasty now, Eric. Your dream is an invasion and if memory serves me right it’s still a few more years off.”

“Invasion? What? How do you know this?”

“Keep an ear to the void, Eric, and listeners out there, and you never know what you might overhear. Might even be something echoing back down the worldlines from elsewhen--you never know. Thanks Eric, I hope you’ll sleep better knowing you’ve got plenty of time-”

“What! No. Explain what happens. Ho do we stop it-”

A click as the voice disconnects the caller, restoring the radio to quiet static before he begins speaking again.

“Now listeners, hear me well because I won’t say this a second time: ain’t no good messing with a future--anybody’s--unless you’re wanting to to submit yourself to the jaws of the beast, never to be thought of again. I think we’ll leave today’s show on that, so farewell and live like tomorrow could be anything. Voice in the void, until next time.


Municipal records of caller “Eric” in the broadcast area show no such person ever existed. The case of the caller’s identity remains unresolved.

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