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Destination Unknown

There’s a place nobody knows. No explorer has ever beheld its beauty, no astronaut ever gazed upon its abyss, no person ever experienced its peculiarities. Without fail they get lost and find hardship on the way to its shores. But in the moments of despair and confusion and loss, each eventually shines a light into the dark to find their way. It’s just a matter of how long it takes them to find the lightswitch.

The place isn’t about getting lost, or arriving, or being successful. It’s about the adventures along the wanderer’s path. Journeys are afflicted with seas of despair, yet their foundations are majestic moments, wonders of nature, and wholesome warmth only good friends provide. Never all bad, never all good.

Even those not on the wanderer’s path are just as close to the unknown place as those trekking. One doesn't even have to be searching to be closer or further, no, the place that nobody knows is equally distant from all no matter how far you’ve come. It is ubiquitously personal--something each of us have--a horizon to aim for, to dream of, to imagine setting foot on.

There’s a place everyone knows, yet nobody has ever been. Not because it’s unseen, not because it’s distant, not because it’s impossible to get to, but because it’s a destination unknown: a place beyond prediction. Close your eyes and dream of going.

Imagine the beauty.

Gaze upon its abyss.

Experience its peculiarities.

Know you’re not being left behind by going there, nor leaving anyone behind. We take the journey together, each at our own pace. It brings us together towards the next day in endless passage.

Destination unknown: for all and all time.

Destination unknown is a nebulous thing we each possess. It's our future and all the possibilities and memories we'll forge and forget along the way, all the people we'll develop relationships with, grow close to and drift apart from with time.

It's the feeling of looking at the horizon of life, knowing tragedy and joy ebb like tides on the beach, and despite how intimidating and existential that may be, being content with existing as a human in a confusing, massive, and scary world.

Your destination is unknown and that's okay. Live your path and try your best to make the most of it. It won't always work, but living in a state of discontentment is nothing more than self inflicted sadness.

Your future is unknown and that's okay. Live each day boldly into the next; shine a light in the dark. The destination is unknown, but your moment of truth is when you dare say “I’m not scared.”

So dear reader, there are only two more things that dusty old Styles has to say.

I’m not scared.

And it’s never too late to stop being afraid again.

Styles Yugen, signing off.

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