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Cliff of Absolution

There is a cliff at the end of the road and you’re racing towards it at the speed of a barreling car. It grows closer by the second and you cannot forget its existence for a second. You hold onto what you care about to distract yourself.

The cliff looms.

You hold on tighter, but nothing can distract you anymore. It’s ever present in your mind.

Fear takes root, nothing uproots it, not even the joys you’re used to experiencing along the road. You cling desperately, trying and failing to reasons with mortality--it’s deaf--but what you cling to starts to slip between your fingers.

Fear turns to terror; there’s nothing you can do now. Every side road leads to the same cliff. You regret the turns you've made to get here, hating yourself for navigating straight into despair. What you cling to gives you a hug, bittersweet since it may be the last. You consider going off the cliff with them; it’s very tempting, but their words stay your impulse,

“I love you.”

You say the words back and somehow let go of them. Their last touch on your hand is fleeting, all too brief.

Then they’re gone over the cliff, gone for your life, gone from this earth. You’re left at the top of the cliff with the keys to your car and nobody to navigate.

Terror becomes crushing loss; you don’t know if you can go on without them. Then you remember their last words and decide to drive on, till sunset and beyond.

“I love you too.”

Styles Yugen, signing off.

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