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January 2022, after many a long nights spent watching Bob Ross to lull me to sleep, I picked up a brush out of curiosity. Would it be fun? Would painting be yet another phase, soon to desert me for another interest? Would I be any good?

I found a new passion. Here, in October of 2022, I continue to paint. Continue to improve. Continue to ask myself new questions save for one:

Would I be any good?

"Good" is a subjective measure. I derive pleasure out of the creative process and the hours committed to bringing something new into existence, so it seems self absorbed to ask if it's any good. Clearly, since it brings me joy, it is good for me. But there is still more, a desire to be seen, or perhaps the visceral pleasure of screaming into the void in hopes for a response, that drives me to put my art where others can see.

I hope you can enjoy some of what's to come, dear reader, my painting journey is one I am proud of, and eager to share. So without further to write, let the painting begin.



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